• Quality results.

  • Low cost.

  • Fast and effective.

  • Non destructive.

  • Durable Cement (not Foam gimmicks!)

  • Eco friendly.

  • Warranty 

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Slab Tech is a Bozeman Montana based business that also serves Big sky, Livingston, Belgrade & Manhattan. Our aim is to provide affordable yet high quality solutions to more technical concrete problems.


My name is Steven and I'm the owner and founder of Slab tech. I am a highly trained Industrial mechanical Technician from New Zealand. I have the equivalent of a 4 year Degree in Mechanical engineering with an 8000 hour apprenticeship. Before I left New Zealand I was looking after a multi Billion dollar brand new manufacturing plant for New Zealand's largest company. I personally designed and built slab techs machinery and our processes to align with the conditions and the materials readily available in Montana.


Our Slab jacking process allows us to easily and accurately raise almost any slab of concrete from a sidewalk to a garage floor or large patio slab. We inject a special cement mix at pressure which when combined with the large surface area under the slab we can create enormous amounts of force easily capable of raising the object and filling nearby voids.

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