Slab Jacking / Mud Jacking


At roughly 40% of the cost of replacement slab jacking is an excellent alternative to replacing existing sunken concrete slabs. The process usually only takes a few hours and it can be used again soon after the material has been injected. Our Slab jacking process allows us to easily and accurately raise almost any slab of concrete from a sidewalk to a garage floor or large patio slab. 

Void filling


This provides a solid bedding to support the weight of the slab and will dramatically increases its life span. 



We have a high powered concrete grinder ideal for removing lumps or high spots from basement floors, driveways or garages. We are also capable of polishing or completely resurfacing existing concrete. The grinder is hooked up to a multi cyclonic vacuum system with self cleaning h.e.p.a filters to capture all the fine dust. The grinder and our new vacuum system ejects no dust at all.

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